It seems to be far longer than two months since we re-launched the magazine with Issue 14. But it isn't and yes we finally made it! We really hope you enjoy this issue and we'd be delighted if you could drop us a line and give us some feedback on the mag. Maybe you would like us to consider some of your ideas for the magazine. (We can't promise we'd use them but we are willing to listen.) 

You'll note that since we have gone online rather than in print we no longer produce page numbers...that's because the system does that for us. 

So in the meantime, grab a coffee, a tea or a beverage of your choice, sit back and check out this issue - oh and by the way we have a very special contributor in this issue...and we'd love to know your reaction! As usual just CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO GO TO THE MAGAZINE... AND PLEASE SHARE THE MAGAZINE WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY! Thanks a million - stay safe!