Be Thankful? Thankful for what? I hear you ask. In short, "Be thankful that hospitality businesses are still here to offer you some modicum of pleasure."  It's been a very tough ride for all but more so for the hospitality industry...

Yesterday I posted the following on Facebook. It was a direct result of the moans and groans I have heard from Joe Public about the 'cost of food' at certain eating establishments. It's pretty self-explanatory and it doesn't require a genius to understand what the message is here. The fact is, one shouldn't ever try to compare your home costs with prices in eateries. You'll never win that argument and as a business owner, then one should never allow yourselves to be compromised on price. 

The post read as follows:

"Message to Joe Public: next time you decide to criticise the hospitality industry re their prices using the "I can do it cheaper at home" or "I only charge £1.20 for a cake at my village fête" arguments consider these facts. Since April hospitality has been faced with
A) an increase in minimum wage
B) an increase in Nat Ins
C) an increase in VAT from 12.5% to 20%
D) an ongoing increase in delivery costs
E) an increase in food costs
F) a shortage of staff
G) an increase in insurance premiums
H) an increase in fuel costs
I) a reduction in customer attendance (many have not returned to dining out)
J) I'm sure there are more I have forgotten!
The true increase in costs overall is approx 20%-30% for some businesses...and not the 17%-18% quoted by the ONS. It's the businesses who actually know their costs!
The Village fête analogy above was a factual argument that a customer tried to use this week.
Are they paying a wage to staff? No.
Are they pay VAT on their sales? No.
Are they paying overheads for the premises? No.
Are they paying Nat Ins for staff? No...
I could go on but I think you get the message! Don't even try to argue the price issues..." 
The post I should add has resulted in a hive of private responses of thanks from many business owners who have suffered such criticism at the hands of the uneducated.