Yes, I know, I know, 'Health is important' and I mean 'Health IS important!' but so too is the economy. There are better orators and writers on this subject than I, but I feel that for the sake of the hospitality and tourism industries in Wales, I must speak out. And, for what it's worth my view is "The Welsh Government are killing the Hospitality and Tourism Sectors in Wales."

As I write this post, Monday 15th June 2020, some 85 days after official lock-down, the Welsh Government have offered zero, yes ZERO information regarding how they plan to extricate the hospitality and tourism industries out of lock-down. There has been no advice, guidance and encouragement nor any type of road-map to indicate where and when we are moving forward. That, my readers, is scandalous, and inept at best. Don't get me wrong, restaurateurs, pub landlords, cafe owners etc haven't been expecting the Welsh Government to wave a magic wand and provide firm dates for re-opening, but they have been expecting more than ZERO comment on a sector that is vital to the economy of Wales. The constant bullshit of the First Minister's "We'll re-open when it's safe"  is not only unhelpful but it indicates that the Welsh Government do not have a grasp on how the hospitality industry works nor what on earth they need to do to get things moving. 

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right."

Henry Ford

If there's one most important lesson I have learnt in my 46+ years of working in employed and self-employed capacities, it's the need to have and demonstrate a positive mental attitude and total belief in what you can achieve in matter what the challenges. That may, in the current climate, sound like a churlish claim, but Henry Ford's quotation above is bang-on accurate. If you believe your business can not only survive this COVID-19 debacle but thrive as a result, then you will succeed (I'm not saying it is easy, I'm saying it is distinctly possible). When your mental state is totally positive you will and do find a way. If you're going to re-open your business merely with a chunk of doubt, maybe a few crossed-fingers, hope and worry, then you are increasing the odds of failure.

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With the impending ease out of lock-down many businesses have been focusing on how best to lay out their restaurant, cafe or pub premises in order to counter the inevitable drop in revenue and maximise the income, if the government enforces either a 1m or 2m social distancing regulation, or a cap on the percentage of usual customers allowed in any venue. The lack of guidance and advice from the local Welsh Government is astounding.


Much has been spoken about "how are we going to survive the COVID-19 crisis after lock-down?" Here is an idea I have floated a while back which can help kick-start the industry.

As the headline says, "There's no easy way to say this!" 

The large majority of food outlets offering takeaway dishes are wasting their time and money!

I've written about this subject previously but it seems that many just want to bury their heads in the sand. The market is however changing and here's why I say such!

Yesterday it was reported by Sky News that "the government are about to allow food establishments to re-open as 'takeaways only' - delivery/collection" ...and that seated restaurant/cafe facilities will remain closed. Associated regulations will retain social distancing and when the restaurants do indeed re-open it's likely that eatery income will be slashed. Takeaway therefore will play a bigger part in your establishment's survival. And I say survival, with the utmost respect.