Much has been spoken about "how are we going to survive the COVID-19 crisis after lock-down?" Here is an idea I have floated a while back which can help kick-start the industry.

Most places are open only 6 days per week - if they are open 7 days per week then there is a shift rota and some staff do have time off.

Instead of chilling at home go and have a coffee &/or lunch AT A CAFE, or a pint and a bite AT A PUB, or an evening meal in a small independent RESTAURANT local to you or in the city. DON'T FREQUENT THE CHAINS however cheap they throw their inferior products at you...don't be taken in by big bucks marketing. Go and help your fellow eateries (the very people who are working as hard as you and putting in all the hours God sends as you do, to make a living) and MAKE SURE THEY KNOW YOU VISITED, so that THEY TOO CAN RETURN THE FAVOUR on their day off. Why not go and have a social evening with your staff and use it as team building.

The entire industry needs to help each other and I know there are establishment owners who on their days off just flop at home never having visited another local independent eatery for may also pick up some useful tips whilst you're there!! (Yes I know you have book-work to do too, but if you don't support their businesses and they support your businesses then the only book-work you'll be doing is for the liquidator!).