I've been meaning to write about Davies & Co since I first visited about 4 months ago...such was the delight of my initial visit, which, naturally, has led to further subsequent visits.

So let me fill you in on the background. The Davies & Co building was purchased and extensively, and brilliantly, renovated during the Covid pandemic, by proprietor Marlene Davies, who has a natural flair for great taste. The main two floors house the most superb, high quality regenerated furniture (not your pseudo chalk paint stuff) which I defy any visitor to dislike!

Downstairs within this old grain barn, where trains used to stop to unload, is the very tasteful (as one would expect) coffee shop/restaurant named The Lounge, clearly divided into adjoining rooms from individual silos. The Lounge lends itself perfectly to use for functions and as a busy coffee shop/restaurant. But good eateries aren't built on décor alone and finding the right chef to manage the kitchen was a must for Davies & Co. You can imagine my delight therefore when I heard that the chef in situ is none other than, Michele Treharne, whom, in the past has contributed to our very own Taste Swansea & West Wales Magazine.


I have known Michele for many years through her association with The Village Bar in Killay so I was surprised to find her so far afield in Llandeilo. Michele and I often chat about our shared love of great food, both being complete foodies in every sense, both with a creative streak. However the difference is that I dream it and Michele turns her ideas into reality with great aplomb and makes fabulous dishes happen! At The Lounge Michele has found the perfect venue for her creative culinary flair and I have watched the coffee shop/restaurant thrive. 

What's the menu like, I hear you ask... Well, let's start by saying that The Lounge is a fabulous venue for 'events' and so if you have a special occasion to celebrate, this is the place to be...and of course it has the catering to match. Check out these images of just a small sample of event 'finger' foods.

 Fabulous detail in these extraordinary parma ham light bites.

And if it's sweet you are after, then Chef Michele has the answer....and they are irresistible! 

But you are seeking to know more about the day-to-day dishes? How about Scotch eggs to die for served with a salad? I have insisted that next time I visit I want Chef to produce an Ostrich egg as I couldn't get enough of this...! The scotch egg comes warm with a really lovely crunchy casing of breadcrumbs...(and so taken was I when it arrived I almost forgot to take a photo, so it was taken in a rush!)

Then again this classic baked seafood dish looks divine and it'll be next on my list when I next visit....don't those prawns look fabulous? And a glass of crisp white with those would be perfect.

Or if you are still in savoury mood then try this seasonal beauty of Pumpkin, Red Onion, Tomatoes, Feta, seeds & Pomegranate... it makes my mouth water just looking at the photo!

And then there's the unusual... Griddled Halloumi, with Strawberries and Tomatoes with a dribble of balsamic glaze...yes it sounds crazy, but when you've tried it, you'll be rushing home to replicate it and impressing your friends at your next dinner party, that I guarantee! 

And of course the Chef is only one of a number of cogs in the wheel, and it takes great team work and dedication to make a venue a success. It would be remiss of me therefore not to mention the hard work that the staff put in day to day in serving the customers...always with a cheerful smile, efficiency and with professionalism. For what more could you ask? And why do you think I keep returning? 

Where to find The Lounge?

So how do you find Davies & Co and The Lounge - it couldn't be easier! Head up the main road coming from the south and up and over the summit...then straight on heading down the hill past the Co-op (on the left) and then turn right into  Station Road (if you can't sat nav it the head for Llandeilo railway station and lo and behold, Davies & Co is there on the left-hand side of Station Road - you can't miss it...plenty of street parking and lots to explore once you get into the building. Then find your way downstairs and be amazed as they have packed a far bit into this interesting space and settle down to a coffee and a lunch-time meal or better still go for the breakfast/brunch whilst you read the paper or chat to your partner. Chatting is encouraged rather than burying your head in your cell-phone.

How would I rate this venue? Frankly, I'd have to give it 10/10 - quality products to buy for the house complemented by quality foods...and don't forget this is an ideal venue for celebration with a number of function areas...and keep an eye out on their social media pages as they have many other creative ideas to come. Very good luck to Marlene, Chef Michele and the team as they deserve all the success in the world. I will continue to return time and time again as it's such a lovely part of the world and more so because I feel so welcome when I visit. 

(P.S. I can genuinely state that no money has passed between us to influence my comments in recording this review)