Killay, Dunvant and Surrounding Areas - Look No Further As Christmas Is On Your Door-step!

For years I've avoided dining out at British restaurants in the run up to Christmas as one usually ends up with only a 'Christmas menu', which by the time the 25th December lunch becomes a bit of an anti-climax. This year it's different! I've broken from my tradition to sample what I consider to be an unusual take on a Christmas lunch/dinner. The Village Bar Cafe in Killay Precinct is the venue and knowing the chef involved, Michele Treharne, I knew I was in for something special. Since its launch earlier this year dining at The Village has centred around 'tapas dishes' and this Christmas lunch was no exception. Branded as a Christmas Tapas Menu, I was intrigued to see what came out of the kitchen....and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest! It's a clever menu which caters for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike so there is something for everyone.

We were delighted to visit Sosban recently as guests of Executive Chef Andrew Sheridan. The English-born, honorary Welshman has been making quite a name for himself and the Llanelli restaurant since taking the helm back in 2017. Andrew's 'maverick style' and spectacular creations gained national interest during September, thanks to his appearance on the BBC's 'Great British Menu', where he competed with two other chefs to represent Wales at a banquet celebrating 70 years of the NHS.

Upon entering Sosban - which is housed in a listed Victorian Pump House just 10 miles west of Swansea - we were immediately greeted by a smiling member of staff, dressed immaculately and oozing the right amount of professionalism and hospitality that fits such a grand and impressive venue. We took our seats and discovered that not only would we be sampling Andrew's food at a table offering spectacular views of the building and surrounding dock, but that there'd be a full seven courses of it!

Food and wine matching evening.

I had the good fortune to get hold of an exclusive ticket to the recent Six Course Gourmet Dining Evening in association with N D John Wines Merchants and Moet Hennessy at The New Gower Hotel, Bishopston, delightfully hosted by co-owner Linda Clayton-Evans, (Thank you Andrew Whitty for arranging my attendance!). Having not yet had the opportunity to try out their fine dining restaurant, Monroe's, since Linda and Executive Chef Mark took control of the venue, I was really interested to see what lay ahead for this special evening. 

I've known all the previous owners for the last 14 years or more, when the premises was named Winston's Hotel, and I was keen to see what slant Linda and Mark had introduced to ensure its long term success. As a hotel venue it has always appeared to be a great peaceful location away from the busy main road, but as a restaurant venue past history suggests it hasn't really delivered. 

You need a tradesman to sort an immediate problem at your home. You've called him and he's agreed to visit your property at a pre-arranged time. You may have even had to take a day off work, or had to change your arrangements for that day.

The agreed appointment time arrives, and there's no tradesman to be seen. What's more you haven't received a call from the said tradesman to say he's going to be late. Nothing. No communication. A blank. Thirty minutes later still no word. Your call goes straight to answer-phone. He never shows up. The cost to you? Maybe financial and/or maybe purely that of wasted time and inconvenience. Naturally, you are upset!